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Do you think you’ve got a great deal on your motor insurance policy? Tesco Compare Car Insurance lets you search many insurers and brokers by filling in one single online form.

What’s covered with Tesco Compare?

Tesco Compare Key Facts

  • Motorist can compare all their policy features and prices under one roof
  • Discounted policies and exclusive deals from some insurers
  • There are no catches1 The price you see will be the price that you'll pay.

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Tesco Compare?

Tesco compare car insurance will search their panel of insurance companies and brokers in order to get you a cheap premium, but by reading these tips on how to save even more money online with Tesco Compare, you have the chance to save even more. Shopping around and getting more than one quote is a very sensible idea so you can compare each policy against each other. Don’t get carried away and start adding extra features to your quote criteria, as adding extra features like breakdown cover, courtesy car and legal protection can increase the price of the premium. Maybe look at buying breakdown cover direct from the breakdown providers themselves; you could save you money this way.

Protecting your no claims bonus will cost you extra but it could save you money in the long run, because if you where to loose your no claims status and the huge discount that you get, you’ll find that your insurance premium will go up quite a bit. So it may be a good idea to protect it, many other motorist do. You can get up to seventy five percent discount with some insurance companies, that’s some discount to loose. Some insurers categorise some profession as higher risk than others. Make sure you categorise your job as accurate ass you can. Some insurers specialise in providing cheaper insurance to older people and students. Which group do you fall into?