Car Insurance

Tesco Car Insurance

Searching for a cheap priced premium? Tesco Car Insurance have many incentives to buy such as FREE Courtesy Car, up to 10% online discount and many other benefits.

Tesco Car Insurance has many incentives to buy such as up to 10% online discount and up to 15% discount for Clubcard customers, plus much more. Get in touch today and find out if Tesco Bank could help you save.

What’s covered with Tesco?

Tesco Key Facts

  • Courtesy car included
  • 10% online discount
  • Cover when driving in Europe for up to 90 days
  • Replacement car seat
  • Breakdown cover is an extra fee
  • Discounts on servicing and repairs at Nationwide Autocentres
  • The option to protect no claims discount
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Tesco?

Tesco car insurance offer motorist three different policy options depending on what level of cover you require. They have a basis policy called value, their standard policy and a finest product that includes most features, visit their web site and see what is currently on offer at Tesco. Although, they offer cheap pried policies you can still get more money off their policies by reading these tips on saving money on car insurance. Depending on where you park you vehicle can have an affect on the price of the premium. Parking it in the garage in the evening could potentially save you some money. This is more secure than leaving it parked on the road outside your house.

A good no claims discount could save you much money. How many years no claims do you have? Having over five years should get you a decent discount but if you have more years you could get up to seventy percent. The age of the driver could also have a bearing on the premium, if you are under twenty five years old then expect a more expensive premium than other motorists. Why is this? Because they have a low no claims bonus history and are inexperience drivers in essence and are fare riskier than other drivers for making a claim. Protecting your vehicle against theft and damage by installing a car alarm could get you a discount. You could also install a tracker or immobiliser too, these are a few good methods for security.