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HSBC Car Insurance

New customers will get a Free Courtesy Car with HSBC Car Insurance

The right deal is just around the corner! HSBC Car Insurance offers Free Courtesy Car, 10% online discount and many other features to new policyholders.

What’s covered with HSBC?

HSBC Key Facts

  • Driving abroad? Get 90 days cover in the EU
  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Limited mileage discount
  • Glass and Windscreens covered
  • Garaged vehicles will get a discount
  • Motorists can protect their No Claims bonus for an extra cost
  • Get Breakdown Cover from the RAC for an additional cost
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with HSBC?

HSBC car insurance offers great savings but if you read on you have an opportunity to save even more money with these few tips. Adding another driver to the policy can reduce the quote, by adding an older driver perhaps a partner or parents who have a good driving history. This includes a clean driving licence with no convictions or traffic offences and good no claims history can help reduce the price. No claims discounts with some companies are up to seventy five percent, what a saving! It is also good to know that married people will get a cheaper quote when compared to someone who is single.

Depending how many miles you cover in a year can affect the price, if you don’ clock up many miles because you don’t drive to work or your retired then you will see a reduction in price on the premium. The fewer miles you do in your vehicle the less the cost is, but don’t get your forecast way out just to get a saving. Lying or misleading the insurance company can have dramatic consequences even having your insurance made void. Paying for your cover annually is far more cost effective and will save you money rather than paying for it monthly, most companies will charge you interest for this, so look out for any monthly payment schemes that are offer zero percent interest.