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RAC Car Insurance

Get discounted RAC Breakdown with RAC Car Insurance

Looking for cover that includes incentives? RAC Car Insurance not only offers new policyholders a free courtesy car and discounted breakdown cover but many other features.

What’s covered with RAC?

RAC Key Facts

  • Multi Award Winning policy features
  • High no claims discount
  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Discounted RAC Breakdown cover
  • Personal injury cover
  • Windscreen and glass repair costs are covered
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with RAC?

You can now get even more money off an RAC car insurance quotation if you read these cash saving tips. First thing is that when you purchase your policy online you’ll get an introductory discount as a little incentive to make you buy online rather than over the phone. Online discounts range from ten percent to twenty five percent with some insurers. The longer period you have on your no claims the bigger the discount you’ll get from insurers. This demonstrates that you are low risk of making a claim and you should see a reduction in the premium you pay. You can get a copy of your no claims status from your current insurance company, just ask them to send you a copy, so you’ve hen got some proof of how many years you have.

Where do you keep your vehicle at night time? If it is on the road then it is much more likely to be stolen or damaged. By putting it in a secure locked garage you are less likely to get it broken in to or stolen and you’ll receive a reduced price. Reducing the number of miles that you drive over a year can also get you more money off. The fewer miles you cover the less you should pay in reality. But, if you are under twenty five then most policies are going to be expensive, so you should think about putting your parents on your policy. This will help your status because they probably have a good no claims history and clean driving licence.