Car Insurance


Cheapest premium or your money back with Swiftcover Car Insurance

Want the cheapest quote on the market? Swiftcover Car Insurance are a 100% online business so they can offer cheaper priced premiums to motorists.

What’s covered with Swiftcover?

Swiftcover Key Facts

  • On average motorist when shopping with Swiftcover couls save up to £346
  • 100% online business with no call centres
  • Motorists can choose from comprehensive and third party, fire and theft policies
  • Cover for injury to you or other people
  • Windscreen glass repair and replacement cover
  • Car stereo cover
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Swiftcover?

You can still get a low cost quote from Swiftcover car insurance, but you could get it even cheaper if you read these simple tips before you get a quote from They are one of the cheapest insurers on the market because they are solely an online company and do not have the overhead costs of running an expensive call centre, so they can pass they savings back on to their potential policyholders by giving them a low cost premium. You can also save more money by setting the excess level on your policy higher than the stipulated minimum amount. This will reduce the cost of the premium, but when a claim is made you run the risk of paying back this excess to the insurer.

Having a good profile for driving can get you huge savings. If you have a clean driving licence you should see a reduction in cost. If you have more than five years no claims bonus then you could get up to seventy five percent no claims discount. High performance sports cars and expensive vehicles are more expensive to insurance than smaller cars that have a low engine cc. If you do own a more expensive car, may be think about changing it to a smaller less expensive one that can save you a lot of money on insurance premiums. Securing your car with a good security system can get you savings, get an immobiliser, alarm or tracker installed in your vehicle to get a cheaper quote, you’ll be consider low risk for making a claim then.