Car Insurance

Elephant Car Insurance

Motorists will enjoy a FREE Courtesy Vehicle with Elephant Car Insurance

Want to beat you’re motor insurance renewal? Elephant Car Insurance can help with a free courtesy car and many other benefits.

What’s covered with Elephant?

Elephant Key Facts

  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Legal cover protection up to £100,000
  • Your cars stereo will be covered
  • Named drivers get the chance to earn their own no claims status
  • Windscreen and glass cover
  • Looking to drive in Europe? Get up to 90 days free cover when driving abroad
  • Personal Injury Cover
  • Flexible payment options are available
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Elephant?

Getting a quotation from Elephant car insurance could save you money and with these other money saving secrets you could get even more savings. Having a good no claims history can get you big savings from Elephant as they offer a great discount for drivers who have a good no claims bonus, having more than five years will earn you a good discount. If you are a young driver aged under twenty five then insurance cover for these people is always going to be expensive, maybe think about going on your parents insurance policy or taking a Pass Plus course for driving, some insurers offer a discount of around thirty percent.

Did you know that married men will attract lower priced premiums than men who are single? So being married does have some advantages especially with motor insurance. Check to see what features are giving away as standard as added extras such as courtesy vehicle, legal cover, protected no claims and breakdown cover all cost extra. If they do offer some of these as standard then you get even more savings. Parking your car off the road can also get you a discount, parking it in the garage, driveway, and private parking space is better than leaving it on the road.