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Aviva Car Insurance

Enjoy online savings of up to 20% at Aviva Car Insurance

Trying to beat your renewal premium? Why not give Aviva Car Insurance the chance to beat you’re quotation plus get 20% online discount and much more…

What’s covered with Aviva?

Aviva Key Facts

  • Savings of up to 20% when you buy online
  • Good drivers can get up to 70% No Claims Discount
  • Multi car discount for motorists who have two or more cars
  • Motorists are also covered against Uninsured Drivers
  • Child car seat replacement
  • Breakdown cover is with the RAC at an additional cost
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Aviva?

You can reduce the price of your premium when you get a quotation from Aviva car insurance by implementing a few of these money savings tips, before you get a quote. Have you decided on what level of cover you require and what level of voluntary excess you would like to pay? In order to get more savings don’t add extra features unless they are included as standard such as courtesy car, breakdown cover, legal cover and many others. Adding more features will only drive the cost of the premium up.

When getting a quote from Aviva if you are aged over twenty five years of age you’ll get offered a lower premium than a driver who is aged under twenty five. This is because motorists of that age are considered more risk for having a crash in their car and then have to make a claim. Also they tend to have not many years built up on their no claims history. If you are under twenty five it might be cheaper if you go on your parent’s insurance policy until you get some experience under your belt.