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Endsleigh Car Insurance

New customers will obtain a FREE Courtesy Car with Endsleigh Car Insurance

Have you got a cheap motor insurance quote? Endsleigh Car Insurance can provide young drivers with a FREE Courtesy Car and many other benefits.

What’s covered with Endsleigh?

Endsleigh Key Facts

  • Endsleigh will compare 30 car insurers in just a matter of minutes
  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Driving in Europe? Get up to 90 days free cover when driving abroad
  • Windscreen and glass replacement cover
  • Get high no claims discount
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Endsleigh?

Endsleigh car insurance is renowned for provided cheaper priced policies to younger drivers such as students who are aged less than twenty five years old. You can also get cheaper cover by implementing some of these money saving tips before you get a quote. Because younger drivers are classed as in experienced drivers they’ll always pay more than other age groups. This is because they have few years built up on their no claims history and this usually has a big discount with some insurers. However, there are still a few things you can do such as go on a Pass Plus driving course, they can get you a saving of up to thirty percent with some insurers. Also, you could go on your parent’s policy as a second driver.

Many young drivers with their new cars will add modifications to their vehicle such as a spoiler, new wheels and new seats. This changes will only increase the price of the premium, so they to keep all new modifications to a minimum. Installing a car alarm or immobilizer can lower the cost. Some young drivers could consider a pay-as-you-go policy which is where your car would be fitted with a GPS device to monitor your driving habits. This type of policy tries to stop the young ones driving at night when a lot of accidents take place.