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Hastings Direct Car Insurance

Now you can enjoy savings of up to £154 with Hastings Direct Car Insurance

Are you looking for a cheaper priced premium? Hastings Direct Car Insurance could potentially save motorist up to £154 and receive many other benefits.

What’s covered with Hastings Direct?

Hastings Direct Key Facts

  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Good drivers can obtain up to 70% No Claims Discount
  • New policyholders could end up saving on average £154
  • Legal protection is an additional cost
  • Beakdown cover is an additional cost
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Hastings Direct?

Hastings Direct car insurance provides motorists of all ages a competitive insurance quote. But you can get it even cheaper cover with Hastings Direct by doing some of these cost savings techniques, they could get you big savings! If you have a good no claims bonus with plenty years on no claims on it you will get a discount. You do have the option to protect your no claims status, but it does cost extra, however it may be more cost effective to get it protected because if you loose your no claims you will loose a big discount off the price of the premium.

What security features does your car have? Does it have an immobilizer, tracking system or alarm? If you have none of these you should consider getting a one as it can get you some money off your premium for protecting your vehicle. This also can apply to where you park your motor car in the evening. If you park it in a garage then you may get a small reduction off the premium. Securing your car from thieves and stopping them steal your car and any of its contents is important to you and the insurance company, so you won’t need to make a claim.