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AA Car Insurance

You can get a 12.5% Online Discount with AA Car Insurance

Looking for a low cost car insurance policy? Let AA car insurance search their panel of suppliers to get you a cheap quotation with a 12.5 online discount plus much more…

What’s covered with the AA?

AA Key Facts

  • Motorists could save up to £200 on a quote
  • Guaranteed courtesy car when involved in an accident
  • Good drivers can get up to 70% No claims discount
  • All new policyholders can get an online discount
  • Driving in Europe? Get up to 90 days free cover when driving abroad
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with AA?

There are several ways that you can get a cheaper quote from AA car insurance, one of them is too maybe pay higher excess on the policy, you an increase this value to what you want on the online form, but don’t increase it too high because in the event of an accident you’ll need to be able to pay this to the AA.

Another way of reducing your motor insurance premium with the AA is to park your vehicle in a garage overnight. They may give you a discount for this because your car is more secure than say parking it on the road. It has less chance of getting broken into in a secure locked garage.