Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

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Compare pet insurance quotes for cats and dogs through providers and brokers like Asda, Argos, Churchill, Direct Line, Marks and Spencer, Liverpool Victoria, More Than, Halifax, Tesco, Petplan and others.

Below is a list of pet insurance providers and brokers who provide cover for dogs, cats and other animals:

Argos Pet Insurance

Pet cover starts from £3.99 per month

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Pet owners get 12 months of cover for the price of 10

Halifax Pet Insurance

Cover from £4.00 per month

Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Pet owners can save up to 15% when they buy online

Tesco Pet Insurance

All pet owners could save up to 35% when they purchase a policy online

Pet insurance is one of those products that pet owners need for their cat, dog or animal in case they are become ill or injured and need medial help. Insurance cover can pay for these expensive vet treatment costs for you when you take your pet to the vets.

Pet owners can choose from dog insurance or cat insurance policies to protect their furry friends.

There are a few type of cover you can buy these include life long cover, financially capped and time capped. The best is life long as if will protect your pet for its whole life rather than just to a certain age. You can get a certain amount of money each year that you can use for vet fees.

Pet insurance cover also has many other features such as help with advertising costs if the pet is lost or been stolen. If the animal dies you get the purchase price back that you paid for the pet. If you need put your animal in to a kennel or cattery you can claim back the costs. Third Party Liability cover when you’re pet causes injury or damage to another person or property.

Above are many pet insurance companies and brokers that you can visit to get a cheaper priced quotation and see if they can beat your existing pet insurance renewal premium.