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Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Motorist can achieve up to 75% No Claims Discount with Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

Searching for a quality motor insurance policy? Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance offers good drivers up to 75% No Claims Discount with many other features.

What’s covered with Liverpool Victoria?

Liverpool Victoria Key Facts

  • Quality policy features with a 5 star rating from Defaqto
  • New policyholders get up to 75% No Claim Discount
  • Flexible cover options to suit your needs for a small fee include legal protection, courtesy car, cover when driving abroad in the EU, breakdown cover and personal accident cover

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Liverpool Victoria?

Liverpool Victoria car insurance premiums can be reduced even more by following these tips on how you can save more money when getting a quote from If you are a careful driver and have a good no claims history then you can get up to seventy five percent no claims discount, this is one of the highest no claims discounts on the market. You could also decide to protect your no claims for a small fee, I know it’s not really a cost saving measure, but if you where to have an accident you could loose your status and your huge discount. Adding extra features such as legal cover, breakdown cover, windscreen and glass cover will cost you extra, so the question is do you really need this extra cover? Getting the basic cover will always cost you less.

Some insurance companies categorise professions as different levels of risk and with higher risk comes a more expensive policy. If you are a student or retired person you will get a different priced quoted. You can save more money by paying for your policy in a one off payment rather than opting to pay monthly. Paying monthly does incur an interest charge and could cost another ten percent. Depending where you happen to live can also have a bearing on what price you pay. If you live in a high crime area then your car will be considered as high risk of being burgled or stolen. Areas that are always considered as high risk are city centres, as many cars seem to get damaged or stolen at night time.