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Saga Car Insurance

Older drivers can save up to 20% online with Saga Car Insurance

Looking for an over 50s motor insurance policy? Saga Car Insurance can provide new customers aged over 50 online discounts and many other benefits.

What’s covered with Saga?

Saga Key Facts

  • Over 50's car insuance specialist offer cheaper premiums
  • 20% online discount for new policyholders
  • Motorist can protect their no claims bonus
  • Guaranteed courtesy car for 14 days when involved in an accident
  • Emergency ‘any driver’ cover
  • Up to £1,000 on personal belongings
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on car insurance with Saga?

There are still a few more things that you could do to get a cheaper Saga car insurance quote. Here are some money saving ideas that could potentially get you an even cheaper premium with Saga. We all know that they are the over 50s car insurance specialist and they can offer cheaper premiums because the motorists that they provide insurance for all have a clean driving licence and good no claims history status. These people are considered as low risk or having an crash and making a claim, so Saga pass back the saving by offering cheaper quotes to the over 50s drivers.

You can still get more money off if you park your car in a garage or driveway, which is deemed a more secure place to store your car over night, than leaving it parked on the road. If you are doing less miles in your car put down an accurate estimate of miles that you think you’ll do over the next year of driving. The less mile you cover the less you’ll pay for your policy. Many retired people do travel by public transport more and don’t use their car because they get it free. You could also not include loads of additions features on the policy such as protecting your no claims, breakdown service and replacement car, this will keep the price down to a minimum.