Pet Insurance

Tesco Pet Insurance

Pet owners can save up to 35% online with Tesco Pet Insurance

Do you require a cheap cat or dog insurance quotation? Tesco Pet Insurance can help pet owners get a saving of up to 35%, vet fee cover, death of your pet and much more…

What’s covered with Tesco?

Tesco Key Facts

  • All pet owners could save up to 35% when they purchase a policy online
  • Vet treatment fees are covered
  • Advertising and reward costs are also covered when your pet is lost of stolen
  • Cremation or burial costs
  • If your pet dies you get the purchase price back that you paid
  • No maximum age limit for the pet to get insured
  • When you insure more than one pet you'll receive a 5% discount for every animal you insure
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on pet insurance with Tesco?

Tesco Pet Insurance policies you will find offer competitively priced premiums that help give protection against pricey vet bills for pet owners for their cat or dog. There are three different types of policies you can purchase from for pet cover; value, standard and finest. Each policy can appeal to different budgets and levels of cover and excess. Get more savings with Tesco by following these hints on how pet owners can get bigger savings. Opting to purchase a policy online can get you a small discount to enjoy. Plus, when looking at the types of cover, always if you can afford it opt for life long cover for your pet and what the conditions are for claiming. The average amount for cover on vet fees is about £6,000 so if you can get at least that then you’re doing well.

It’s always a good idea to check that the provider is regulated with the Financial Services Association and Tesco is. Is your pets vaccinations been kept up to date? Some providers will not issue cover for treatment to an animal if they think that if it had the proper medication at the right time would have prevented a certain condition of ill health. It’s really important to keep your cat or dog fit and healthy by always giving it a good diet and regular exercise. The age of a pet can play an important part on whether you’ll get a low priced quote. The earlier in the pet’s life you can insure it the cheaper it will be, because older pets are more likely to get disease and stuffer from ill health just like humans.