Pet Insurance

Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Pet owners could get up to £7,000 on vet fees with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Looking for a cheap cat or dog insurance policy? Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance offers pet owners high amount of cover on vet fees plus a multi pet discount, introductory online discount and more..

What’s covered with Marks and Spencer?

Marks And Spencer Key Facts

  • Pet owners can save up to 15% when they buy online
  • Get up to £7,000 cover on vet treatment fees every year
  • Multi pet discount of 5% when insure more than one pet
  • Treatment for your cat or dog as long as it’s needed
  • There is no upper age limit to insure your animal
  • Policy features have been rated Five Stars by Defaqto
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on pet insurance with Marks and Spencer?

Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance policy can save pet owner’s loads of money from expensive vet treatment bills. Obtaining a quote from M&S will give you many incentives and discounts to enjoy. To be able to obtain more savings read the following hints below. Always make sure that you buy from a reputable provider that is governed by the Financial Services Association such as M&S. Insuring your pet from an early age can get you a cheaper quote so long as it is fit and healthy. If you leave it too late it may become really expensive to insure your cat or dog at all. Insurers can get really fussy about whom they want to insurer and if it is too older they may not even insure it at all.

A discount when you buy online is always embraced and M&S currently offer a good one. Also check to see if they do multi product discount if you have more than one policy with them, this could save you around ten percent. Get the right amount of cover can be a challenge; you need life long cover if you can afford it. This is cover for the whole life of the animal not until it reaches a particular age. Vet bill cover for treatment is usually around the £6,000 mark, so try to at least that amount. You will also need to read and see if this cover is per condition or per year.