Pet Insurance

Halifax Pet Insurance

Cover starts from as little as £4.00 per month with Halifax Pet Insurance

Are you looking for low cost cat or dog insurance? Halifax Pet Insurance allows pet owners to get cover from £4.00 per month for cats and from £6.00 per month for dogs plus it includes features like cover towards advertising costs and death of your pet.

What’s covered with Halifax?

Halifax Key Facts

  • Cover from £4.00 per month
  • Pet owners can save up to 5% when they buy online
  • Cover for vet treatment fees
  • Cover for the death of your cat or dog
  • Third Party Liability cover if your pet causes injury or damage to another person
  • Cover towards kennel or cattery fees
  • Costs towards advertising and reward when your pet is stolen or lost
  • All vet bills will be paid direct to the vet
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on pet insurance with Halifax?

Halifax Pet Insurance quotes are very competitive on price and offer pet owner’s huge savings not only on vet treatment bills but through other incentives and discounts. Enjoy more savings when you read these tips on how to get more money off pet cover. When receiving a quote watch out for the policy excess being to high as this will cause the premium to come down in price. You should be looking to pay between £25 and £65 on excess for every time you make a claim. Try to get as much cover as you can for your pet if it is ill and needs medical treatment. Most insurers will provide up to £6,000 for vet fees.

Keeping the animals vaccinations up to date and correct is important as some insurers will not cover a pet for treatment if the condition could have been avoided by having a vaccination so time ago. A healthy pet is less risk for insurers so always make sure you take it for regular check ups and exercise. Feeding it the correct food and amount is also important too. Do you really need additional cover options such as cover and shelter for your pet if you need to go into hospital? Plus, advertising cost if your dog or cat has been stolen or is lost? Just bear in mind that these feature on many policies will cost you an additional fee.