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RBS Home Insurance

New policyholders can get 20% off insurance with RBS home insurance

Are you sick of high priced premiums on buildings and contents insurance? RBS home insurance are offering homeowners 20% off insurance when you purchase a combined policy plus 10% online discount.

What’s covered with RBS?

RBS Key Facts

  • 20% off combined insurance policies
  • Discounted policies for RBS Royalties Gold, Premium and Private members
  • Rebuilding costs covered
  • New for old cover on contents items
  • Accidental damage on contents does include TVs, DVD players, audio equipment and computers
  • Paying monthly will not cost you extra
  • Homeowners can get up to £25 towards any switching fees
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on home insurance with RBS?

RBS home insurance has many new features and incentives on offer for homeowners with their buildings and contents insurance policy. You can currently get big savings when you shop with the Royal Bank of Scotland plus get the opportunity to get even more savings when you read these money saving ideas. If you can always try to purchase a policy online as you’ll receive an introductory online discount as a new policyholder. A really easy way to get a lower quotation is to pay a higher amount on the excess contribution by the policyholder. This would mean that you would pay out more money when you make a claim.

Adding too many extra features on your policy such as accidental damage protection, home emergency cover and personal possession protection can raise the cost of the premium. Only add additional features to your policy if they are absolutely necessary. Of course we would all like to be full protected against every potential event and situation, but that would cost a fortune so it about getting the right amount of cover for you at the lowest price.