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Nationwide Home Insurance

New customers could save up to 20% now and 20% next year with Nationwide home insurance

Think you’re paying too much for buildings and contents insurance? Nationwide home insurance are offering on combined policies a 20% discount now and 20% next year if you stay claim free, plus many other benefits.

What’s covered with Nationwide?

Nationwide Key Facts

  • Introductory online discount
  • New customers have the chance to save up to 20% now and 20% next year when you buy buildings and contents insurance
  • Unlimited buildings cover for rebuilding costs
  • Alternative accommodation if your home is inhabitable
  • New for old cover on contents items
  • Locks will be replaced if your keys have been stolen
  • You won't have to pay extra for paying monthly by Direct Debit
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on home insurance with Nationwide?

Nationwide home insurance are as you probably know the biggest buildings society in the United Kingdom and offer a quality buildings and contents policy to homeowners. As well as taking advantage of some of the great incentives and free features by Nationwide you can also get more savings through these tips on how to save money when buying house insurance. Opting to buy online is a great way to get savings as they offer an online discount to new policyholders, its better than phoning a call centre as you’ll get nothing from them.

Don’t be in a rush to add new features and extras to your policy, thing about what cover you really cannot do with out, this way you can get savings. Some of the extra features include accidental damage, personal possession and home emergency. Choose wisely if you think you need additional cover. When buying buildings and contents policies together you think that this is the best way to buy them. This is not necessarily the case you should get a single quote for each type of policy i.e. buildings and then one for contents. This might save you some more money.