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AA Home Insurance

Homeowners can save up to 30% online with AA home insurance

Looking for a low cost buildings and contents insurance policy? AA home insurance offer property owners many great incentives such as a 30% online discount and much more…

What’s covered with AA?

AA Key Facts

  • New policyholders get up to 30% off online
  • Contents insurance includes cover up to £50,000
  • New for old cover on contents items
  • Up to £500 is covered on Credit card fraud
  • Up to £3,000 covered on garages or sheds
  • Up to £25,000 for legal expenses
  • Buildings Insurance will protect your proerty against fire and storm damage
  • Accidental damage
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on home insurance with AA?

AA home insurance offers low cost premiums for buildings and contents insurance, plus letting them search their panel of insurance companies and brokers can only improve your chance of getting a cheaper quote. You can also save a bit more cash off the price of the quote by reading these home insurance tips; they could lower your policy premium even more. Where you live could a positive or negative effect on your policy quotation, if you happened to live in a high crime rate area then you could find your quote being a little more expensive. Join a neighbourhood watch programme with local residence; this can sometime get you a little discount.

Fitting a home security system like a burglar alarm can also save you some money too. Make sure you have one installed at your property before conducting a search. A smoke alarm could also have the same effect here; installing one at your house could save lives and damage to your property and possessions. Get one fitted if have not got one!