Van Insurance

Post Office Van Insurance

Van drivers can search 10 other van insurers with Post Office van insurance

Want a cheaper priced premium? Post Office van insurance offers van owners a cheaper quote by searching 10 other van insurers and brokers to get you the right cover at the right price.

What’s covered with Post Office?

Post Office Key Facts

  • The Post Office will search 10 van insurance specialists
  • Get up to £1,000,000 cover on third party liability cover
  • 24 hour claim phone line
  • Accident road assistance
  • Legal Protection is an extra cost
  • You can add breakdown cover with the RAC for a small fee
  • Personal belongings cover is up to £100

How do I get more savings on van insurance with Post Office?

Post Office van insurance quotes are always priced competitively because they search a number of van insurance companies and brokers online to get you your selected level of cover and excess for your van. By searching many other insurers you can rest assured that you’ll be getting savings for your policy. In order to receive some more discounts off the premium take into account these money saving points. Although van drivers have a bad name for driving on the road because they are always in a rush and don’t obey many of the driving rules. If you do have a clean driving record with a healthy history of no claims, you should be able to get savings on your policy. No claims discount can have huge effects on price with insurance, so it really does pay dividends to be a good driver.

Buying a policy online can get you savings too. Insurers would rather you use their web site than speak to someone in their call centre, as it cuts their costs. Depending on what weight class your vehicle has been placed into can also affect the price, the bigger the vehicle the more the van owner will have to pay in costs. You might want to protect your tools and equipment that are stored in your van. This is an additional feature that will cost you extra, but do you really need it? You could get an alarm fitted to your van and this would stop thieves breaking into your van.