Van Insurance

Budget Van Insurance

Van owners could save on average up to £198 with Budget van insurance

Looking to beat your renewal premium? Budget van insurance saves on average motorists up to £198 and includes many features such as courtesy van, breakdown cover and much more…

What’s covered with Budget?

Budget Key Facts

  • Van owners could potentially save up to £198 on a policy
  • Replacement van when involved in an accident
  • Legal Protection
  • Windscreen and glass repair service is Free
  • Breakdown cover service
  • Your van is covered for short trips to Europe
  • 24 hour claim phone line

How do I get more savings on van insurance with Budget?

Budget van insurance policy is always packed with extra features for free, incentive to buy and discounts. Plus, let them search their panel of van insurance companies and providers to get you a low cost quotation. You can still get more savings with budget by following these hints and tips for cheaper van insurance quotes. Online discounts can get you savings on a policy, ringing and speaking to a person at a call centre won’t. So right away it pays to shop online as you get savings. The size and weight of your van can have a factor to whether you get savings. If you have a heavy van with a large cc engine then you’ll automatically be placed into a higher insurance group category. The smaller your van is the cheaper the premium is.

Adding breakdown cover to the policy if not already included for free could be a good move for some van owners who rely heavily on their van to get them around for work. Although, it is an extra cost it might be more beneficial to have cover, because if you did breakdown you would be back on the road in a few hours. When getting a quote you find out the premium seems very cheap, check the excess level on the policy. Paying a higher excess can bring the price down on the policy.